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Superconductor Week - 2516

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KEPCO Distribution-Voltage SC Cable System Energized
    Cable System Supplied through LS, AMSC Agreement
NIST Creates Improved Quantum Ground State Micro-drum
    Simmonds: Energy Lifetime at Mechanical Quantum State near 100 Microseconds
    Process Robust, Reproducible
    Further Improvements Underway at NIST
Superconductor Week Speaks with W2AGZ's Paul Grant
    Grant: HTS Power Applications Development Community has done its Job
    Grant: Mega-Projects Opportunities for HTS
    DoD Maintains Interest in SC
    Grant: EU Repeating U.S., Japanese Experience
    Grant: May be Evidence for Bipolar-mediated Pairing of HTS in Perovskites
Report Projects SC Magnets Market $2.94 Billion by 2017
Linde, PHPK Building Cryocooler for NSLS-II

    Requirements Include Tight Pressure Regulations
ETH Zurich Demonstrates Teleportation Protocol
QIB Named Financial Advisor for Qatar Proton Therapy Project