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Superconductor Week - 2518

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AML Awarded Over $500,000 for MgB2 Generator Research
    AML to Collaborate with Argonne
    Prince: SC Generators Key to Commercializing Offshore Wind
Nexans, Siemens, AMSC Test New Transmission FCL
EADS Researching Superconducting VoltAir Concept

    VoltAir Supports EU Environmental Goals
    HTS Enables Higher Power Densities
    VoltAir Assumes Improvements in High-Density Batteries
    Electric Propulsion Allows for Aerodynamic Design
JLab Issues Solicitation for SHMS SC Magnets
Army Issues Solicitation for SC Probe Station
U Arkansas Determines SC Films Retain Properties Under Stress

    Lattices Adjust for Distortion from Strain
    Application may lead to Exotic Phases
    Creating Two-Dimensional Structure may lead to Higher Tc's
    Researchers to Continue Working with Thinner Nano-layers
UCSB Team Demonstrates Novel Quantum Architecture
    Research Realizes 66% Process Fidelity for Quantum Fourier Transform
AMSC Modifies Name, Restructures
Grant Program Announced at Hypres Facility
IASS Invitation for Fellow to Study SC Energy Transport
CSIRO Team Wins MIOTA Award for LANDTEM Innovation