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Superconductor Week - 2520

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Hypermach Plans Supersonic Plane with SC Motor
    S-MAGJET to be 30% More Fuel Efficient than the Concorde
    Five Hours from New York to Sydney
    Unmanned Test Vehicle in Three Years
    HyperMach Seeking Funding
Tres Amigas HVDC Project Secures $3 Million
AMSC Reports Improved Q2 FY2011 Revenues and Earnings

    HTS Product Sales Down; Gridtec Unit Increases Sales from Q1
    McGahn Details Successful Quarter, Expects Strong Second Half
STI Reports Lower Revenues and Earnings for Q3
    Reduced SuperLink Sales Contributed to Revenue Decline
    Quiram: Expansion of HTS Wire Production Capacity Moving Forward
    Backlog Down; Insider Sentiment Strong
Increased SC Wire Sales Propel OXI to Higher Revenues
    Operating Profits for Industrial Products, Including SC Wire, Grow 230%
    CEO Keen: Second Half Performance will Exceed First Half
OXI Acquires Platinum Medical Imaging
BEST Receives $71 Million in Multi-year LTS Orders
Osaka, Nanjing U Reduce Ohmic Losses of THz Metamaterials

    Researchers Realize Quality Factor of 178 at 8 K, 0.58 THz
Cornell U Explores Magnetism in Heavy Fermion Compound
    Study Illuminates Role of Kondo Holes
Report Projects 13% Shortfall in Rare Earth Production in 2014
Report Predicts $8.83 Billion SC Market in 2017
GMS Launches MRI Cryogen Leak Altert System
PSFC Improves Tracking of Fusion Plasma Impurities

    MIT Developing Simulations for Plasma Impurities