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Superconductor Week - 2522

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VNIIKP, RAS, MAI Test MgB2 Cable System
    Plans for System Using Hydrogen as Coolant, Energy Source
    Columbus Superconductor Supplies MgB2
    Work Continuing on BSCCO Cable
UH-led Group Receives $3.1 Million for HTS Wire Development
    Project Seeks Four-fold Improvement in 2G HTS Wire Performance
    Project Seeks to Scale 2G HTS Wire Advances to Manufacturing
Ames, MIT Study Ic in Thin SC Strips
    Results Relevant to SC Single-photon Detectors, Nanocircuits
VUC Develops Maglev Model
    Taking a Maglev Track to Three Dimensions
    Model Uses YBCO Pellets
    Maglev Latest MOSEM≤ SC Project
    Mobius Track Exists at the Boundary of Science and Art
BEST Appoints Moriconi
Cornell, BNL Report on Broken Symmetries in Cuprates

    CU/BNL Collaboration Studies Broken Symmetry in Relation to SC
    Pattern in Cuprate Broken by Topological Defects
    Similar Results found in Different Cuprate
Casimir Effect Observed in a SC Circuit
Hokkaido U, CREST Test SC LED
NIST Develops SC Multiplexer
OINS Releases MercuryiTC