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Superconductor Week - 2524

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CERN Launches High Luminosity LHC Study
    Upgrade to Focus on SC Components
    Researchers Seek to Minimize Transverse Stress
    Workshop Launches Design Phase
    First Installation to Occur in 2018
Cornell Tests SRF Cavity Prototype
    SRF Tested in Vertical Cryostat
    Program Funded $50 M for 2006 to 2014
    Timeline for Full-scale ERL Uncertain
Paris Diderot Develops Prototype SC Hoverboard
    Magsurf Employs YBCO
Collaboration Proposes SC Gravity Wave Radiation Detector
    Two SC Materials Used in Detector Design
    Researchers Hope to Conduct Future Experiments
LCN Finds Charge Density Waves on CaC6
    Graphene not Cheap to Produce
    Study Suggests Approach for SC in Graphene
    Role of Charged Density Waves in Graphitic SC a Topic for Future Study
    Results Point to Possibility of Nano-scale Switches
    Further Research Planned
Bordeaux U Studies Ferromagnetic SC
    Curie Temperature Higher than Tc for Uranium Compounds
    Coexistance may Result from Triplet Electron Pairing
Kwon Named President of NEFRI