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Superconductor Week - 2601

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KSTAR Successfully Suppresses Type-1 ELMs
    KSTAR Suppresses Perturbation with Low Torioidal Periodicity
    Kwon: PFCs could absorb 30 MJ from ELM Crash
    Engineering Challenges to Moving Magnets Closer to Plasma
    Analysis of KSTAR Data Ongoing
Last W7-X Module Lifted into Place
    Majority of W7-X Ports Installed
Max Planck Reports Creating Metallic Hydrogen
    Tc of 200 K Preicted for Hydrogen
    Hydrogen Tested at 220 GPa, Room Temperature
    Eremets: Results Best Evidence to Date
NII, U Osaka Observe SC Qubit in Diamond
    Observations may further Quantum Memory Technology
NCSU Develops New SC Materials Design Aproach
    Design Process Applied to YBCO Quenching
    Collaborations on Quench-related Products
    Further Research on Quenching Planned
Rice Creates Topological Insulator
    A Step towards Majorana Fermions   
Flexure to Host LSA Workshop