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Superconductor Week - 2603

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CAN Superconductors Begins Batch Production
    28 mm Disks Offer Best Levitation Qualities
    Disk Samples Show Magnetic Field >0.5 T at 77 K
    YBCO Disks Comprise 70% of CAN's Production
LHC to Run at 4 TeV per Beam in 2012
    LHCb Experiment Places Limits on Standard Model
Nexans Installs HTS Tape in SFCL at Boxberg
    Power Losses Should Decline by 90% from Bi-2212
    1G SFCL Successfully Operating at Boxberg since 2009
    AmpaCity 2G SFCL will have higher Permanent Current
Helium Shortage Continues; Prospects Brighter Later in 2012
    Helium Supplies Constrained by Natural Gas Levels, CHEU Maitenance
Bruker Reports Improved Q4 2011 Revenues and Earnings
    LTS Wire Sales Drive Higher Quarterly Revenues
    Timing of BEST IPO Uncertain
    BEST Invests in Increased Production Capacity
LBNL, UVa Propose Theory for Reaching Higher Tc in Cuprates
    Ordering Doped Channels May Increase Tc
    Wolf: Lower-doped HTS Regions Surrounded by Higher-doped LTS Regions
    Transition to Zero-resistance State is a Percolation Transition
    Isotope Dependence of Tc Extends to Pseudogap
FRIB Funding Cut in FY2013 Federal Budget
    Upcoming Review Generates Further Uncertainty
    15% of Project Funds Already Allocated to MSU
OXI Sells Triton Refrigerator to LCN
Boothroyd Awarded 2011 IOP SC Group Prize