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Superconductor Week - 2604

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GCS Completes Testing of STI Wire
    Rutherford Geometry not Applicable to HTS Wire
    HTS Roebel could be used in Future Fusion Magnet
    Process Requires High HTS Wire Uniformity
    STI Wire in GCS Cable has Minimum Ic of 228 A at 65 K, 3 T
NIMS Achieves SC in a Single Atomic Layer
    Potential Applications Include Logic Elements and Photon Detectors
    Current Passed through Single Atomic Layer of Indium
    Further Research to Focus on Josephson Junctions
STI Reports Losses for 2011, HTS Wire Production on Track
    Registered Direct Placement Raises $7.1 Million
    Production of 100-meter Wire Lengths to Begin in 2012
Caltech Proposes Method to Increase Tc in Cuprates
    Pseudogap Explained by Isolated Plaquettes
    Eliminating Isolated Plaquettes may Raise Tc
    Potential Benefits Include Cheaper Coolants, Higher Critical Magnetic Fields
    Work Ongoing to Optimize Dopant Distribution and Doping Level
U Warwick, ISIS Measure Two SC Phases in Re3W
    Biswas: First Observation of Centrosymmetric SC in Re3W
    Re3W Hard, Malleable
Yantai, Purdue, Boston College Conclude Pnictide Study
    Results Supported by Previous Analysis
    Results Need Confirmation in Other Materials
CSA Presenting Cryocooler Course Prior to ICC