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Superconductor Week - 2606

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ITER Changes SC Cable Configuration
    Design Options Expected to Better Withstand Degredation
    Testing Simulates CS Operation
    80% of Strand Destined for TF Coils Completed
UAB, SAS Build Magnetic Cloaking Device
    Applications Include Protecting Equipment from Magnetic Fields
    Device Built Using Inexpensive Materials
    Bilayer Design Key to Cloaking
    12 mm Cylinder Used in Testing
STI Receives NASDAQ Bid Price Deficiency Letter
AMSC Secures Deal with Investor for $25 Million
Hebrew U, Cambridge Observe Triplet SC in Ferromagnet

    Supercurrent in Half Metal is Spin-polarized and Dissipationless
    SC Observed up to 25 nm in Ferromagnet
    Proximity Effect Observed as Gaps and ZBCPs
LBNL Developing APEX Electron Gun for X-Ray Light Sources
    FELs Next Generation of Light Sources
    APEX to Operate at 187 MHz
    Phase II Funding Still Pending
House, Senate Suggest Reduced FY2013 FRIB Funding Cuts
STI Installs IBAD System at New Austin Facility
NCRP Honors Sarmango for SC Research