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Superconductor Week - 2607

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StarTram, Inc., Promoting SC Accelerator for Orbital Launches
    Designs for Manned, Unmanned StarTram Variants
    Gen-1 Design Launches Payloads at ~5000 Meters
    Gen-2 Launch Tube would use ~$2 B of SC Material
    Startram Founders Involved with Maglev 2000
STI Reports Decreased Earnings
    Nexans Confirms STI Wire Meets Ic Objective
    New Equipment should Satisfy Wire Demand through 2013
BEST Completes Testing on Subscale iSFCL Prototype
    Single-phase Prototype Test later this Year
    Design Allows for Self-activation in under 5 ms
    Testing Conducted at U Braunschweig
Bruker Revenues Up 25% in Q1
    LTS Wire Sales Drive BEST Revenues Higher
    LTS and Device Businesses Moving to Larger Facilities
Max Planck Team Transfers Quantum Info Between Two Atoms
    Single Atoms Carry Quantum Information
    Researchers Envision Creating Larger Networks
U Sherbrooke's Taillefer Awarded $100,000
Air Products Signs Supply Agreement with National Helium
2012 Bardeen Prize Recipients Announced