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Superconductor Week - 2608

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NIMS Synthesizes Iron-based SC Nanowires
    Crystal has Tc higher than 30 K
    Researchers use Modified WCOM
    Crystals have Rod-like Needle Shape, Aspect Ratio >200
NTU Develops Prototype Bi-2223 Saddle Resonator for MRI
    Saddle MRI Maximizes Filling Factor
    Bi-2223 Perfrmance Compared to Copper Model
Helium Stewardship Act Introduced in Senate
    Reserve to be Sold in Three Phases
    Legislation Incorporates NAS Recommendations
Praxair Announces Higher Prices for Nitrogen, Helium
SIMES, Yale Conclude Scanning SQUID Susceptometry Study

    Paramagnetic Spin may cause Noise in Qubit Devices
    Samples Chosen with Diamagnetic, Paramagnetic Responses
U Antwerp Observes Vortices in Weakly-conducting SC Regions
    Researchers Introduce Low-Tc Regions to SC Strips
    Berdiyorov: Findings Confirmable via Magnetoresistance Tests
Delt, Eindhoven Detect Majorana Fermions
    Kouwenhoven: First Success at Creating Majorana Fermions
    Two Electrically-neutral Points on Nanowire Discovered
    Researchers Plan to Demonstrate a Topological Quantum Bit
Tres Amigas to Open Command Centers in New Mexico
    NM Legislature Grant Tres Amigas Tax Exemption
ORNL's Mook Wins Onnes Prize