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Superconductor Week - 2610

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Kyushu U Developing MgB2 Pump for Cryogen Transfer
    HTS-ISM can Rotate like Synchronous Motor
    HTS-ISM Attains LH2 Flow Rate of 6.5 liter/min at 1,800 RPM
    System could be used for Pumping Hydrogen into Fuel Cell Vehicles
    Previous non-SC Pump Designs Prove Inefficient for LH2
BEST Finalizes Technology Transfer Deal With Rosatom

    Not All Bruker Conductor Types Included in Contract
Russian Institutes Test LH2-MgB2 ETL
    LH2 Carries 30 MW
    Second Round of Testing on Hybrid Concept in 12 Months
    VNIIKP BSCCO Cable Project Ongoing
NIMS Synthesizes SC Fullerine Nanowhiskers
    Nanowhiskers Prepared Using LLIP Method
    SC Volume Fractions as High as 80% Observed
U Calgary Devises Method for Microwave Pulse Storage
    SC Artificial Atoms Needed for Pulse Control in Microwave Quantum Circuits
Cornell/Brookhaven Team Link Magnetism to Iron-based SC
    Experiment Confirms Magnetic Pairing Theory
    STM Determined Energy Needed for Separating Cooper Pairs
Imperial College Describes P-Wave SC Phase in Black Holes
    Applying Ads/CFT to HTS
    P-Wave SC Similar to Liquid Crystal Phases