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Superconductor Week - 2611

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CERN Announces Possible Discovery of Higgs Boson
    Incandela: Particle is Heavist Boson ever Found
    Higgs Discovery would Validate Standard Model
Ad Astra in New Agreement with JSC
    Annex Focuses on VASIMR Safety, Reliability
Rensselaer Licenses MHD Solar Power Technology
    MHD Relies on Faraday Principle
    Technology Relies on HTS Magnets, Microchannel Cooling
U Kiel Sensors may Compete with SQUID-based Medical Devices
    Wider Application Possible by Eliminating External Magnetic Fields
    Sensors may be Cheaper than SC Alternatives
    Detection Limit of Roughly 10 pt/rt(Hz)
Grenoble U Couples Graphene, Nanoparticles
    First Successful Tuning to an Insulating Transition
    Applications Include Particle Detectors
NAPT, Proton Therapy Consortium to Host NPC2013
ASU Concludes Study of SC Cosmic Strings

    SC Strings Formed shortly after Bing Bang
UH-SuperPower Program Wins R&D 100 Award
NRC Report Favors Funding On-time Construction of FRIB

    FRIB may be first U.S. Accelerator to use HTS in Linear Accelerator
    Upcoming Review may Decide Funding