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Superconductor Week - 2612

  • $28.00
Ad Astra Reports VX-200 Advances
    Ad Astra Reports High Efficiency over a Wider Range of Isp
    Design Modifications Enable Improved Isp
    Krypton an Effective Plasma Propellant
    VX-200 Demonstrates CPT
    Facility Improvements to Follow Demonstrations
    Ad Astra Hopes for 2015 Space Test
THEVA Sells HTS Wafer Coating Business
    THEVA to Focus on Coated Conductors
Tres Amigas Delays Groundbreaking
    Tres Amigas Secures Approval from Bernalillo County
    Negotiations between ERCOT, FERC Pending
JPL, CalTech Develop New SC Amplifier
    Amp Useful for Astronomical Observation
    Amp may be Installed at ALMA, OVRO
    Amp may be Installed at ALMA, OVRO
    Amp Employs TiN, NbTiN
AMSC Quarterly Revenues Decline
    Gridtec Growth due to Non-SC Sales
Bruker Reports Q2 Earnings
    Softening Demand but Healthy Backlog
    BEST Reports Strong LTS Wire Sales
    Multi-Year LTS Orders Add to BEST Backlog