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Superconductor Week - 2614

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Chubu Electric, Tohoku U Develop Improved SC Coil
    Coil Shifts Electromagnetic Forces Away from SC Wire to Surface
    Chubu Working on Resin Coating Technology
    Technology has broader Application than SMES
TAU Uses Light to Alter Tc
    Tc Modulations on the Order of 1 K to 2 K
    Findings may lead to Non-dissipated Memory
AMSC Wire Chosen for EU's POSE2IDON Project
UK Researchers Claim La-Ni Class of Triplet SC
First Non-ferromagnetic, Non-unitary Triplet SC Found in 2009

    Quintanilla: LaNiGa2 Virtually Unexplored
    LaNiGa2 may have Application in Spintronics
    Ferromagnetic Fluctuations likely linked to Triplet SC
    Challenge now to Reach a Microscopic Understanding
Siemens 3 T MRI Receives FDA 510(k)
    44% of Large Hopitals Plan to Purchase 3 T MRI
Harvard Uses Quantum Computer to Solve Protein-folding Problem
    Techniques may be used for Other Biophysical Problems
STI Transfers Patents, Staff to Resonant LLC for Minority Stake
    Hammond to become Resonant CTO