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Superconductor Week - 2615

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SEI Announces Mass Production of 200 A Type G DI-BSCCO Wire
    Ic of 250 A Achieved on R&D Sample
    Ic Increases may Allow Users to Reduce Wire Used
U Leipzig Finds Evidence of Granular SC above 300 K
    SC Occurs at Interfaces Between, Inside Dried Grains
    Zero Resistance, Meissner Effect Unconfirmed
    Results Need Confirmation from Other Labs
UT Develops Technique to Induce HTS in a Semiconductor
    Technique likely to Work with any Easily-cleaved SC
    Research my Advance SC-Semiconductor Systems
    Gap Observations used to Confirm Induced SC
Tres Amigas Adjusts Financing Plans
UMCP Concludes Study of Cobalt Nanowire-SC Electrode System

    Nanowires could form Basis for Topological Quantum Computer
    Possible Route for Creating Majorana Fermions
Aalto, Wuerzburg Increase Ic in SNS Junction
    Similar Effects Likely with Other Metals and Weak Junctions
HYPRES Spins Off +n Data Communications Business
SNL Concludes MagLIF Study