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Superconductor Week - 2616

  • $28.00
MagLab Nearing Completion of 36 T SCH Magnets
    Magnet Designed to Operate Through Power Faults
    CICCs Contain Nb3Sn/Cu SC Wires
    Flux Stabilization Techniques to be Developed in Collaboration with PSU
    SCH Consumes Less Power than Keck Magnet
    HZB Magnet Should Ship in May 2013
UCSB Factors Number with Quantum Computer
    Factoring with Quantum Computers may Improve Cybersecurity
    Researchers Build Four Qubit Circuit
    Processor Gets Right Answer at ~50% Rate
Purdue U Finds Evidence Imperfections Boost Tc in Cuprates
    Study Analyzes Bismuth-based Cuprate
    Results may help Design Cuprates
    Electron Lines Exist in Fractal Clusters
    Data has Wide-ranging Implications
Jyvaskyla U Concludes Coulomb Blockade Study
    Quantum Phase Slips are Tunnel Junctions
    Proof-of-Principal Demostration of Quanum Standard for Electric Current