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Superconductor Week - 2619

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DH Industries to Supply Refrigeration System to Project Hydra
    Hydra to Demonstrate HTS Links Between Substations
    AMSC Providing SC Wire for Hydra
    Cryogenic System to be Designed for Continuous Operation
BNL/PBL Design, Fabricate, and Test 16 T, 10 T HTS Magnets
    2015 Targeted for 30T Demonstration Magnet
    BNL Working on 9 T, 16 T Solenoid Coils
    Magnets Have Jc of 500 A/mm2
AMSC Introduces 4.4 mm, 200 A HTS Wire
    Price Reduction Labeled Substantial
SEI may have Prototype SC Bus Motor Ready in 2013
    2013 Date Unconfirmed by SEI
STI Reports Strong Demand for Conductus Samples
    Quiram: STI has Finished Testing Production Equipment
    Commercial Wire Production Likely to Begin in 2014
    STI Issues Public Offering
Princeton U Achieves Improved Qubit Information Transfer
    Microwave Photons Determine Electron Spin State
    SC Resonator Fabricated out of Nb
    Researchers Look to Scale System
Japanese Researchers Discover SC in Bismuth-oxysulfide
    B4O4S3 has Tc of ~4.5 K, Jc of ~10^3 A/cm2
    BiS2 Layer Opens New Field for Low-dimensional SC