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Superconductor Week - 2620

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SC Cable Undergoing Live Testing in Yokohama
    Cable Incorporates SEI HT-CA, ACT-CA Wires
    Cable Program Began in 2007
Cambridge, Magnifye Use Flux Pumping to Magnetize Bulk SC
    Flux Pumping may lead to Small, Compact SC Machines
    Potential Uses Depend on Easy Maintenance, High Efficiency Gains
    Models Demonstrate SC Behavior Affected by Field Magnetic Perturbations
KIT Proposes Coated Conductor Cable Design for Enhanced Jc
    AC Cables have Simpler Structure than DC Cables
    Longitudinal Magnetic Field Effect can be used to Enhance Jc
    Coated Conductor Quality Key to Cable Performance
    Most Dramatic jc Enhancement Found in Round Cables
    Coated Conductor Value Must Improve Compared to MgB2
DII Loses Major Industrial Partners
    SGCC Interested in Joining DII
SEI Producing Wire for AmpaCity HTS Cable Project
European, Canadian Researchers Observe HTS-CDW Competition

    Understanding CDW Order may Lead to Improved Tc in Underdoped YBCO
    Next Step to Look for Charge Order in Other Compounds
NPL Issues Report on Slow Noise Process in SC Resonators
    Mechanism Driving Slow Noise Process Related to Quantum Decoherence
MP-IQO, UAB Suggest Combining Magnetic Microtraps, SC Qubits
    Proposal Relies on Magnetically Trapping SC Microsphere