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Superconductor Week - 2622

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Indian Researchers Report Improved Properties for Bi2212-MQ
    Bi2212-MQ Tc Recorded at 85 K
TYRC Wins $2.15 Million Grant for HTS Cable in SMES Device
    Cable Would Allow for Higher Power Storage Densities
Astrium Reported to be Planning Investment in Ad Astra
    Astrium Interested in Coupling VASIMR to ATV
Nexans, Prysmian Win Partial Victory in EU Court Ruling
    ABB Receives COmplaint from European Commission
U Oxford Observes SC at 43 K in Layered Chalcogenide
    Tc Highest Observed for Iron Selenide Compound
    Research Builds on Efforts to Optimize Iron-based SC
    Lix(NH2)y(NH3)1-yFe2Se2 Unlikely to be Used Commercially
KIT Tunes Individual Atomic Tunneling Systems to Reduce TLS
    Reducing TLS Improves Qubit Coherence Times
    Experiment Used Alox for Josephson Junction
CWM Presents Model of S-wave Holographic Superconductor
    2+1 Dimensional Model Developed for Study
Dresden U Concludes Study of Ba1-xNaxFe2As2
Japanese Universities Conclude Study of CaIrSi3
CERN Granted Observer Status at UN General Assembly
UC Berkeley Researchers Awarded 2012 Thesis Prize
Kuzman Wins Van Duzer Prize for Cryogenics Research
MRS Appoints Ermer, Eglash to Board
ASC 2012 Manuscripts Available Online