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Superconductor Week - 2624

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Niowave Accelerates Electron Beam with SC Spoke Cavity
    Spoke Cavity Operates at Lower Frequency
    Chappel: Spoke Accelerating Structure to become Backbone of Shipboard FEL
    Spoke Cavity Demonstrates Voltage over 2.5 MV
NOV Invests $3.3 Million in TcSUH HTS Research
    Drilling Motors Require Improved Torque Density, Reduced Heat
    Researchers Seek to Activate TFMs In Situ
    Project to Encompass Range of Development Work
    TWMC TFM Motor Project in Final Stages
DOE Increases, Accelerates Funding for UH HTS Wind Energy Program
    Magnetic Flux Lines Lower Wire Performance
    Researchers Introduce Nanosclae Defects in SC Film
    SC Wire Performance Improved by 65% in 9 Months
    Extra Funding to Accelerate Research
ORNL Reports on Strain-tuning Nanodots
UW-Madison Observes Cooper Pair Formation in Benzene

    Molecules may help Understand HTS Mechanism
    Pair Formation Theorized to be due to Electronic-vibronic Coupling
UPMC, Zhejiang University Conclude SrTiO3 Study
Goyal Wins World Tech Award