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Superconductor Week - 2701

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HYPRES Leads Analysis of MJJ Device
    MJJs Considered for use as Switching Devices
    SIS'FS Design Compatible with Conventional SFQ Circuits
    Researchers Fabricate Nb-Al/ALOx-Nb-PdFe-Nb SIS'FE MJJs
    S'-layer Thickness Affects MJJ Ic
    MJJs Exhibit Ic and IcRn ~30% lower than SIS Junctions
NIST, Raytheon Develop Qubit with Enhanced Lifetime
    IBM Assists in Qubit Fabrication
Bill for Regulating Federal Helium Reserve Introduced to House
    Bill Contains Three Regulatory Phases
    Bill Includes Provision for National Helium Gas Assessment
GMU Concludes Study of SC-TI Hybrid Structures
    Flat Dispersion of Energy Spectrum Unexpected
    ARPES, STM Measurements Needed to Confirm Results
U Waterloo, Harvard Optimize SC Photon Detector Geometry
    Sharp Bends Raise Dark Counts
    Researchers Observe Enhanced Ic
U Tokyo, Kobe U Study SC in GaxV2Al20
    Researchers Observe Rise in Tc
    Method may be Difficult to Transfer to Other Compounds
Nanjing U Studies Pairing Mechanism in Pnictides
Osaka U, MIT Work to Identify Topological Superconductors

    Topological SC Recently Predicted
OXI Appoints Geitner Independent Non-executive Director