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Superconductor Week - 2704

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ITER Central Solenoid SC Cable Design Improved
    Initial Approved Design Showed Signs of Degradation
    Nb3Sn Complicates Magnet's Manufacture
    SC Strands Produced Using Internal Tin Process
U.S. ITER Begins Cabling, Conductor Fabrication for TF Coils
    U.S. Producing Over Four Miles of SC Cable for ITER
    HPM Using PVC Line for Jacketing Process
QDI Enters Collaboration to Develop ATL Technology
    ATL Technology Recovers Evaporated Helium with Negligible Losses
    Funding Allows for Three Commercial Plants
    Technology not Limited to Helium
    QDI Holds Exclusive Licensing Rights
    Liquefier to Produce 8,000 L Annually
    ATL Systems at UC Santa Cruz, UC San Diego
Yale, U Florida Studies Differ on Side Effects of PBRT
    PTI Study: Minimal Side Effects that Return to Normal
    Yale Study: Minimal Relief from Side Effects
    PTI: Outcomes Better than Retrospective, Surrogate Data
Nagoya U Studies Pairing Symmetries in CuxBi2Se3
    CuxBi2Se3 Topological SC with Odd-parity Pairing Symmetry
    Tunneling Conductance Shows Zero-bias Peak
MRS to Recognize 24 New Fellows at Spring Meeting