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Superconductor Week - 2706

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GE Conducts Tests on HTS Hydrogenie Generator
    Tests Conducted at GE Facility in Rugby, England
    GE Overcomes Challenges Related to Cooling, Insulation
    Generator Primarily Developed Between 2006 and 2010
WelTec Develops Machine to Cable HTS Roebel Cable
    Process Requires High HTS Wire Uniformity
    Transposition a Challenge to Longer-length Roebel Cable
    CFW Machine Allows for Shorter Lead-in and Lead-out Lengths
    HTS Roebel Cable R&D Ongoing in New Zealand Since 2004
STI Regains NASDAQ Compliance
STI Reports Increased Year-on-year Revenues for Q1 2013

    STI Receives $1.95 Million from Stock Offering
    STI Working to Supply Cable Demonstration Project
SC Wire Leads BEST's Revenue and Earnings Growth
    Bruker Results Affected by Yen Decline
Grid Logic Receives Matching Funds for Low-cost SC Wire
Researchers Study Relativistic Motion and Quantum Teleportation

    Scenario Includes Non-uniform Motion
    SQUIDs Might Create an Optical Resonator
IPHT Demonstrates Amplification of Microwave Signal
    Effect Observed using Single Quantum System
    Microwave Signal Amplified by 10%