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Superconductor Week - 2708

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IEE-CAS, Henan Zhongfu Demonstrate, Evaluate HTS Cable
    HTS Wire Supplied by InnoST, SEI
    Cable Supplying Power to Aluminum Production Line
RI to Produce an Additional 120 RF Cavities for XFEL Accelerator
PerCoTEch Reduces Coated Conductor Activity

    PerCoTech Seeking Investors to Scale-up MOCVD Technology
Researchers Improve Ic of SC Films under Field
    Ic Improved at all Magnetic Fields
    Previous Work Limited to Low Fields
    Array of Holes Gives Rise to Gradient in Hole Density
OXI Reports Higher Revenues, Profit Before Taxes for FY2012
    MRI Sales, ITER Drive SC Wire Sales Growth
Clovis Approves $1.65 B in IRBs for Tres Amigas
    IRB Funding Process Delays Project
    FERC Approves Interconnection Agreement
    Tres Amigas: PUCT Approval not Needed
EPFL, La Sapienza Observe Oscillations of Cooper Pairs
    Team Observes Cooper Pairs in Real Time
    Development Advances Understanding of Unconventional SC
    2.6 eV Resonance Suggests Non-retarded Contribution to Pairing
U Arkansas, ANL Study ZR State in Cuprates
    ZR State Commensurate with SC in Cuprates
    UT Austin Supplied Cuprate Material for Study