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Superconductor Week - 2709

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ILC Publishes Design Report
    Japan Planning Proposal to Host ILC
    Unlikely to be Multinational ILC Bid Process
    ILC Host Must Bear 50% of Project Costs
    ILC to Require over 500 t of Niobium
    SRF Must Achieve Effective Accelerating Electric Field of 35 MV/m
    LCC Advocating for ILC Construction
    ILC Could Reach Energies of 1 TeV
Indiana U, ProNova Announce PBRT Collaboration
    ProNova to Hold Rights to most Intellectual Property
    Technology to be Incorporated into SC360 PBRT Device
    IU to Seek FDA Clearance for new Technology
Federal Grand Jury Indicts Sinovel Wind Group
    Conviction could net AMSC Billions in Damages
U Oslo Develops Theory on Breaking of Dendritic Avalanches
    Model Shows Metal Layer Limits Dendritic Avalanches
RUB, IPhT Scientists Model Electron Orders in Pseudogap
    Quadrapole Density Wave Competes with D-Wave Superconductivity
RIKEN Group Models Superconducting Sr2IrO4
    SC may be Achievable by Introducing Atoms