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Superconductor Week - 2710

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HYPRES Announces New Chip Fabrication Process
    New ICs Two to Six Times Faster
    Stanford U Purchases HYPRES ICs
    Fabrication Technique Included in Provisional Patent Application
Ad Astra Announces PDR for VF-200 Engine
    Aurora Platform on ISS First Anticipated Mission for VF-200
    NASA Participates in PDR as Part of Support Agreement
    Astrium in Negotiations over Aurora Platform
    PDR Reviews all Major VF-200 Subsystems
    PDR Leads to Critical Design Process Starting in 2014
JR Tokai Extending Maglev Test Track for L0 Trains
    JR Tokai to Generate Revenue from Test Track
Cryogenic, NPL Develop Highly Accurate CCC
    Singapore Metrology Center Orders CCC
U Bayreuth, Munster Describe SC Pairing Induced by THz Pulses
    Oscillations can Affect the Dynamics of a Nanowire
    Research Enables Comparison of Experimental Findings, Calculations
    Croitoru: Impossible to Currently Foresee all Possible Implications