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Superconductor Week - 2711

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IARPA's C3 Program Issues Phase 1 Solicitation
    SC Computer Could Realize 100 PFlop/s for 200 kW
    C3 Program to Occur in Two Phases
WSU Study Induces Superconductivity in CS2
    Light Elemental Solids Give Rise to HIgh Tc's
    CS2 Resembles Metal Under High Pressures, Low Temperature
    Room Tc SC May be Achievable
    Structural Change under Pressure Seen in CS2 Common
How Cryogenics is Moving Away from Cryogens (Guest Article from Jeremy Good, Director, Cryogenic Ltd.)
    The Way Things Were
    The Move to Cryogen-free
    About Cryogenic Ltd.
Janis Moves to Larger HQ
    New Stirling Cryocooler Released in February
JEOL Develops NMR Magnet Line with Reduced Helium Losses
    JASTEC Supplies SC Wire for NMR Magnet
STI Reports Conductus Wire Orders Increasing
    Three Purchase Orders for COnductus Wire Received
    STI Seeking Relationships with Large Multinationals
    STI Reports Lower Quarterly Loss; Cash to Last until Q2 FY2014
Bruker Reports Increased BEST Revenues and Operating Income
    BEST Receives $5.7 Million from Rosatom License
    Bruker Earnings Exceed Analyst Expectations
AMSC Reports Reduced Revenues and Earnings
    Superconducting Revenues on Target
    McGahn: AMSC Expects 25% Revenue Growth in 2013
John Clem Passes Away