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Superconductor Week - 2714

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Senate Passes Bill to Extend Helium Reserve Operations
    Legislation Awaits House Approval
UC Santa Barbara Developing SC Detectors for Astronomical Observations
    UCSB Only Group Working on Optical/NIR MKIDs
    Factor of 20 per-pixel Performance Improvement Possible
    SC Detectors Enable Frequency Domain Multiplexing
    Cost of MKID may limit Commercial Applications
    Efforts Underway to Expand the Spectrum of MKID Arrays
    MKIDs Being Tested at Palomar, Lick Observatories
    MKID to be Used for Imaging Extrasolar Planets
JR Tokai Complete Maglev Test Track Extension
Study Finds Relationship Between Magnetism, SC in Pnictides

    Team Studies Barium-iron-arsenide Compounds
    New Method to Eliminate Structural Domains in Pnictides
ProNova Announces Personnel Changes
AMSC Plans $30 M Stock Offering
CEA Observes Excited Andreev Pairs in Josephson Junction

    Andreev Pair Data Confirms Theory
    First Spectroscopy Using Photons
Weil Helium Developing Two Wells in Saskatchewan
    Wells Contain over 2 Billion ft3
Princeton-LANL Find Pairing in SC Heavy Fermion Similar to Cuprates
    New STM Tool Developed for Study
    Service Electron Waves and Impurity Bound States Studied
    QPI Inconclusive with Heavy Fermions
    Team Observes Spectroscopic Pseudogap