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Superconductor Week - 2715

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ETH Zurich Teleports Information Between SC Quantum Circuits
    Chips have Niobium Transmission Lines
Ultra-thin Coating Maximizes REBCO Coil Current Density
    Thickness of REBCO Coating Affects Current Density
    Conductor Fraction Improved by 80%
Tres Amigas Investigating Burying HVDC Cables
    No Cost Estimate yet for Underground Lines
    Construction Expected to Commence Late 2013
    AMSC Planning to Sell Stake
    Tres Amigas Undergoing ERCOT Review Process
DOE Approves FRIB Timelines
    CD-3a Approves $20 M in Long-lead Procurements
    FRIB COsts Rise $50 M due to Delays
    FRIB SIte Preparation Complete
LBNL, Tsinghua U Induce SC in Topological Insulator
    First Instance of HTS in a Topological Insulator
    ARPES Data Shows Gap is Consistent with S-wave Pairing
    Next Steps: Tuning the Fermi Enegy to the Gap of the Bulk Band
Siemens to Cut 15,000 Jobs in Bid to Improve Profitability
Transparency Releases Report on SC Market Through 2019

    Success of SC Products Dependent on Cooling Systems
Tubingen Device Couples Atoms to SC Circuit
    Research Highlights Potential for Atoms in Quantum Storage
    Several Seconds of Info Storage Achieved
Great Western Projects U.S. Unable to Meet DoD Yttria Needs By 2019