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Superconductor Week - 2717

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SuperPower Supplying HTS Wire to EU's ECCOFLOW Project 
SFCL Design Places Uniformity Bandwidth Requirement on HTS Wire 
SFCL Being Installed in Mallorca Grid 
SFCL Technology Struggles to Penetrate Market 
Lehner: Unified SFCL-Transformer Device may Provide Solution 
Skajaquoda Group Launches SC Research Program 
Program Based on Recent Technology Development
Bruker Offering New NMR Magnets with Active Refrigeration 
Vibration a Critical Concern in Transferring Refrigeration Technology to NMR 
Ascend Latest Generation of Actively-shielded Magnets from Bruker 
Several Companies Offering Helium-saving Magnet Options
D-Wave, Cypress Semiconductor Announce Partnership 
New Foundry to Help Enable Further Scaling of D-Wave Computer Systems 
Study Catalogues Electronic Evolution Between LCMO, YBCO
Results Settle Controversy Around Charge Transfer at Interfaces 
Ferromagnetic Material could be Incorporated in SC-Semiconductor Device 
Study Demonstrates Novel Methodology 
SGM, Tres Amigas Announce Software Development Partnership 
Updates, Correction to Government Shutdown Effects 

Gourlay: Lack of Certainty Makes Large Procurements Impossible 
Andrew Appointed to Ad Astra Board of Directors 
11th EPRI SC Conference Opens Monday