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Superconductor Week - 2718

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NIST Develops Sensor Using SC TES
TES Detect Emissions of Terahertz Light
Cooling System Cryogen-free
Prototype Imager has Frame Rate of 6 Frames/sec
Technology Similar to SCUBA-2 Detector 
Aluminum TES Enable Compact Cooling
DOE Proposes $100 Million in FY2014 EFRC Funding
DOE Launches Competition for Second Round Funding 
CES to Compete for Renewal Funding 
Team Finds Superconductivity in FeB4
FeB4 First SC "Designed from Scratch"
FeB4 Unusual Conventional Iron-based SC
FeB4's Tc Predicted at 15 to 20 K
Year-long Effort Preceded Synthesis of FeB4
FeB4 Found to have a Hardness of 62(5) Gpa
TIT Finds SC in La3Ru8B6
Low Tc, Price of Ru Likely to Limit Applications 
Researchers Searching for SC Among Isostructural Compounds 
Max Planck, Johannes Gutenberg Conclude Study of Oxide TSS BBO
BBO Found to have Large Bulk Bandgap
Marjorana Fermions Ideal Qubits 
Work on P-N Junction Underway
Pakistan Plans Materials Science Research Institute 
CMU Building Spectrometer with Donated 12 T Magnet
OXI Expands Repair Capabilities 
ProNova Solutions Conducting Testing on SC360 Gantry