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Superconductor Week - 2719

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Nexans Announces European Reorganization 
Nexans to Merge Hurth SFCL Site with Hannover Site 
Jobs to be Added at Lyon R&D Center 
TcSUH Studyof CaFe2As2 Suggests New Route for Raising Tc 
Tc Enhancement Associated with Natural Chemical Interfaces 
Paradigm Likely Applies to Other SC Material Systems 
Luvata Delivers NbTi Wire for ISEULT-INUMAC MRI Project
Scanner to be Strongest in Clinical Operation 
Magnet will Carry 1500 A at 12 T
Double Pancake Winding to be Used in Coil 
Best Reports System and SC Wire Revenues of $32.5 M in Q3
Adjusted BEST Revenues Grow 16%
Aggregate Revenues Decline 
Biospin Revenues Decline due to Delayed Orders 
TUM Investigates Quantum Many-body System 
Circuit Cavities Offer Unique Perspectives 
Computing Power Insufficient for Numeric Analysis 
U Tokyo's Shibata Awarded 2013 Sir Martin Wood Prize 
PBRT Research Roundup: Studies Confirm Benefits of Proton Therapy in Treating Spinal, Brain Cancers

PPF/NAPT Study Sees 33% Rise in PBRT Treatments for Children since 2010
Massachusetts General Hospital Reports Favorable Cognitive, Survival Outcomes 
Perelman Study Finds Similar Outcomes, Reduced Side Effects 
UT Sees Decreased Use of Feeding Tubes in Throat Cancer Patients