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Superconductor Week - 2720

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TNEM Forms Board to Promote SC Maglev Line in Northeast U.S.
Board Includes Political Luminaries
JR Tokai, Japanese Support Behind TNEM
Alternate $151 Billion DC-Boston Amtrak Plan 
Stidham Says Tres Amigas to Come Online in 2016
Tres Amigas Expects to Raise $550 Million by Year-end
Tres Amigas Considering HVDC Underground Lines
OI Reports £166.3 Million in Revenues for the First Half
Industrial Products Sector Shows Improved Operating Margins 
OI Offers £166 Million for Camera-maker Andor Tech 
STI Reports $229,000 in Revenues for Q3

STI Reports High Demand for COnductus Wire Samples 
Four Stage Two Orders Shipped for Qualification Testing 
STI on Track to Begin Commercial Production in 2014
AMSC Reports Q2 Gridtec Revenues Up 7% Year-on-year
McGahn Expects DHS, U.S. Navy Wire Orders 
Aggregate Revenues Grow 16% to $24.2 Million 
Australia, China, India Uncertainty may Affect Revenues 
AMSC Announces Amendemnt to Hercules Loan, MLV Agreement
Research and Markets Publishes Survey of Cryogenics Market 
Berkeley's QNL Concludes Study of Quantum Decoherence 

Study Works with Controlled Environment 
Improved Monitoring may limit Quantum Decoherence 
Fluctuations Measured with 49% Efficiency 
Selective Measurement Key to Monitoring Trajectories