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Superconductor Week - 2721

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OI to Collaborate with CERN on LHC High Luminosity Project 
Collaboration Comes Amid Ongoing LARP Magnet Testing 
OI Brings Manufacturing Expertise 
Project to Provide OI with Current Experience with Accelerator Magnets
Study Reports Quantum Memory Storage for 39 Minutes 
SC Quantum Circuitry may Feature in Future Emobodiments 
Researchers to Experiment with Other Ionized Donors 
MEDC Approves $3 Million Loan to Niowave for Isotope Production Facility 
U.S. Produces a Fraction of its own Isotopes
New Building Follows 2012 Expansion 
Italian Researchers Propose Quantum Info Processing Scheme 
Additional Cavity Allows for Two-qubit Gates 
Proposal Requires Tunable SC Resonators with Large Quality Factors 
Magnetic Lattice Proposed for Quantum Simulator Development 
Magnetic Lattice more Effective than Optical Trapping 
Magnetic Fields to Hold Atoms in Place 
Thermodynamic Probe Confirms Pseudogap as Phase Transition 
First Thermodynamic Observation of Phase Transition 
Pseudogap Transition Observed Below Tc on Overdoped Sample 
Study Uses MCG to Indentify LQTS in Utero 
70% of Fetuses Observed to have LQTS 
U Antwerp Concludes Study of Flux Phases in Type-I & II SC Bilayer 
Study Shows Bilayer's Ability to Host Non-uniform Lattice Domains 
Researchers Create Externally Tunable System 
KSU Receives $1.3 Million in NSF Funds for Bruker NMR Purchase 
Proposed NY PBRT Center Progresses to Planning Review