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Superconductor Week - 2722

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Davis, Lee Propose Unified Theory for Non-Conventional SC
Antiferromagnetic Interaction Central to New Theory
Experimental Checks of Theoretical Assertions Underway 
Theory Seeks to Establish Relationship Between AF INteractions, SC, and IPs
Organic SC also Described by Theory
Cavendish Lab Studies Enhancement of Bulk SC via Granular Materials 
Study Seeks to Optimize Tc Enhancement
Results Valid for Conventional SC
Percolation Thershold Most Important Parameter for Improving Tc 
Study Analyzes Relationship Between Grain Size, Shell Effects
Percolation Theory Combined with Finite Size Effects 
Sumitomo's PBRT System Gains FDA 510(k) Approval
U.S. House Passes 2-year Budget Legislation 
SNU Suggests New Flux Pinning Method for YBCO 

Bi2O3 Introduced using TSIG
TUT Tests ULF HTS SQUID MRI System for COntaminant Detection
NMR/MRI using SQUIDS Require Less Power, No Magnets 
Research Builds on HTS SQUID MRI Research
Researchers Scan 1D, 2D Samples using SQUID NMR/MRI
U Mumbai, Tata use New Method to Study Matching Effects 
Future PBRT Center in NY Advances to Planning Review 
Research and Markets Issues SMES Business Report 
UH's Ren Wins O'Donnell Award