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Superconductor Week - 2723

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Bruker Installs First 900 MHz Ascend Aeon NMR Magnet at UCSD
Installation Follows Release of 600, 700 MHz Magnets 
Bruker Evaluating Technology for NMR Magnets up to 1 GHz
Air Products to Begin Extracting Helium from CO2
He a Byproduct of Natural Gas Processing 
Tecnalia Leading Attempt to Implement SC in Offshore Wind 
10 MW Gnerator Prototype Conceptual Design Complete mid-2015
Offshore Wind Projected to Experience Strong Growth 
SC Generators Offer a Solution with Some Techinical Issues 
Cost not a Problem for SUPRAPOWER Generator 
Direct-drive Generators Currently 3.16% of Wind Generator Market 
SUPRAPOWER Employs Novel Cryogen-free Colling Concept 
Even with Cooling, Global Efficiency Better than PM Generators 
Other Groups Pursuing SC Offshore Technology 
UMCP Researchers Suggest a Metamaterial Route to HTS
Structural Similarities between HTS and Metamaterials 
Nanofabrication of 3D Structures Remains an Obstacle 
Airgas to Increase Helium Prices 
Price Hike Initiated by BLM 
Osaka U Suggests SC Water Purification System