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Superconductor Week - 2801

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Callaghan Transfers SC Research to VUW's Newly-formed RRI
Shift Comes One Year after Callaghan's Establishment, Dissolution of IRL
RRI Takes Over YBCO MRI Magnet Project 
Magnet Uses Unshielded Gradient Coils 
ETH Zurich, ORNL Team Develops New Algorithm for Modeling SC 
Ascertaining Quantative Estimate for Tc Not Possible Until DCA+
DCA+ Achieves Tc Convergence Faster, More Systematically 
Smooth Mean Field Reduces Sign Problem 
Group able to Model 28-atom Systems 
Team Awarded $2 M in Computing Hours 
Researchers Achieve 30 s Plasma Pulse at EAST 
EAST in Operation since 2006
EAST Contains 20 t of NbTi Strand 
LHCD Provides Flexible Boundary Control 
Ad Astra, NASA Sign New Support Agreement 
NASA, Ad Astra Continue to Work Towards Deployment on ISS
Demaco Secures EUR7 Million Contract from DESY
SC LINAC Composed of 1.3 GHz, 9-cell Cavities
Max Planck Turns Graphene into Terahertz Laser Medium 
Laser could be Useful for Study of HTS
Graphene Provides Amplifying Material with Small Band Gap 
Researchers Demonstrate Population Inversion at 1.3um
Cavity for Potential Graphene Laser yet to be Designed 
Rice Finds Similar Chalcogenide, Pnictide SC Electron Behavior 
Electronic States near Anti-ferromagnetic Order, Mott Transition Candidates for HTS 
Study Examines Relationship Between Magnetism, SC in Fe-based Compounds 
Findings Confirm "Bad Metal" Explanation 
ISTEC Fabricates Ba122 Films with Improved Jc Under Field 
Ba122 has Potential for use in SC Magnets 
Previous Work Focused on Ba122:K and Ba122:Co
Team Views Photon-mediated Interaction Between Two Atoms 
Potential for Protecting Quantum Information from Decoherence 
Coherent Exchange Interactions Observed at 2 cm
Peking U Develops Framework for Understanding Spin SC
Spin SC an Analogue for Charge SC 
Spin SC Magnetic Dipoles rather than Electric Monopoles 
Spin SC Useful to Field of Spintronics 
GL-type Equations to Enable Behavioral Predictions 
TIT Researchers Investigate H-doped CaFeAs