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Superconductor Week - 2802

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FSU-CAPS Tests 3 MW Helium Gas-cooled SC Cable
Cable Incorporates 2G, 4 mm-wide HTS Tapes 
He-cooling Preferable to Nitrogen for Naval Applications
Optimum Cable Length may Prove to be Problematic 
Team Aims to Develop Cables to Support 100 MW Electric Ship 
ST-led Study Grows Highly-textured MgO via New E-beam Method
Deposited Mgo Single Crystal-like 
IBAD Expensive Compared to E-beam
ISD MgO Films have Potential for YBCO Conductors 
MgO Best Deposited on Amorphous Materials 
MgO not Believed to be Biaxial 
Epoch Wires Completes Manufacturing Experiments on MgB2 Wire 
NASA Mission Transmits Data to SC Photon Detector 

SNSPD System Demonstrates Laser-based Communications Tech 
Lincoln Lab Incorporated Photon Detector Advances in One Package 
Lincoln to Pursue Development through NASA LCRD Project 
Bruker Reports Strong Q4 2013
NMR Demand Raises Revenues 
BEST Generates 4.9% Operating Margin 
AMSC Gridtec Revenues Decline in Q3 FY2013 
AMSC Expects Orders for Resilient Grid and Degaussing Systems 
Windtec Segment Performane Raises Aggregate Revenues 
McGahn: Positive Cash Flows Expected by End of FY2014
Lockheed Develops Miniature Cryocooler for Satellites 
Microcryocooler Uses LHe 
Work Ongoing to Further Reduce Cooler Size 
ORNL Studies Local Inhomogeneity in Iron-based SC 
Organizing Dopants may Improve SC Characteristics 
Materials Exhibits Wide Gap Variation 
Stripe Phase Study Creates Path to Understanding Pseudogap 
Using Ultrafast Science to Observe Phase Transitions 
Nickelate Studied to Isolate Stripe Phase 
A Roadmap for Examining the Cuprate Pseudogap 
Team Studies Charge Ordering, HTS in BSCCO 
HTS Forms Below Charge Ordering 
Researchers use STM, X-ray Scattering  
Researchers Seek Physical Mechanism Behind Charge Ordering 
Team Sheds Light on Forces Behind Electron Binding in Iron SC 
Nodeless Gap Implies Phonon-mediated SC 
FeSe Chosen for Simple Lattice Structure