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Superconductor Week - 2803

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UT Develops Enhanced SC Cables for MCF Reactors 
Cables Employ Interweaving to Reduce Susceptibility to Heating 
Cables yet to be Tested under Plasma Operating Conditions 
Cables Build on Previous UT Research 
SR2S Developing SC Radiation Shield for Deep Space 
Tech Critical to Long Space Flights 
Key Research Milestones Reached 
Shielding to Broaden Pool of Potential Astronauts 
Scott Technology Becomes Sole Owner of HTS-110
HTS-110 in Operation since 2004
Team Proposes to Combine SC, LED for Quantum Entanglement 
Entangled Photons Useful for Basic Research 
High Quality Semiconductor-SC Junctions Necessary 
SC Material Inserts Cooper Pairs into LED 
SC Enhances Photon Emission 
High Photon-pair Rate Shortens Experiment Times 
STI Claims HTS Wire Production Progress in Earnings Report 
Quiram Expects Stage Three Conductus Wire Deals 
Lower Revenues, Higher Losses for Q4 2013 
CERN, ESA Sign Agreement 
ESA, CERN Require Robust, Reliable Tech 
New SQUID Enables Quantum Measurements at 60 mK
SQUID Overcomes Joule Effect 
Gold Used to Reduce Excess Heat 
UCL/NPL Researchers Developing Smaller SQUIDs
OI and RHUL Develop Cryogen-free micro-Kelvin Refrigerator 
System Follows 18-month Collaboration 
System Reaches 600 mK, Remains under 1 mK for 30 Hours 
Team Able to Reduce Vibration-induced Heat Load 
Extending Hold-time Possible 
FRIB Construction Underway at MSU 
Site Preparation Underway since 2012 
FRIB Originally Proposed in 2006 Report 
Tres Amigas Reaches Deal with Wind Energy Supplier 
Tres Amigas 75% Financed 
Negotiations with ERCOT Ongoing 
PNM CEO Expresses Doubts over Tres Amigas 
Tres Amigas to use AMSC HTS Wire 
Team Explores Effect of Charge Density Waves on SC 
Charge Density Waves Measured with REXS, STM, ARPES 
        Results may Contribute to More Resilient Cuprates