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Superconductor Week - 2804

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MagLab Develops High-Jc, High-field Breakthrough in Bi-2212 Processing
Method Allows for Round, Multifilament, Twisted Bi-2212
Method Reduces Porosity of Wire
Conductor Demonstrated in 2.6 T Coil
Wire Generating Interest from Industrial Partners 
1-km, 10-kV Nexans HTS Cable Begins Field Trial in Essen
HTS Cable Coupled with SFCL 
AmpaCity Study Identifies Benefits of HTS Cable 
NC State Suggests Processing Improvements for Bi-2212
Bi-2212 Wire Production Process Creates Impurities 
Large-scale Impurities Detrimental to SC 
Next Step Involves Developing Improved Processing Protocols 
SuperPower Adds 30 micron Substrate 2G HTS Wire 
Team Finds that SC is Compatible with Spintronics 

SC Could Provide the Charge to Create Spin Currents
Magnetic Holmium Layer Enables Material to Maintain SC 
BEST Grows Operating Income by 211% in Q1 FY2014 
BioSpin Continues Revenue Growth 
Cash Grows 3.5% Sequentially 
STI Reports More Customers Testing Conductus in Q1 2014
Conductus Achieves 500 A/cm Minimum Current 
Nine Conductus Orders Shipped in Q1
Lower Revenues and Losses for Q1 2014 
IBA Reports Healthy Backlog in Q1 2014 
Sale Gives Entry to Japan's Proton Therapy Market 
CERN Initiates FCC Study to Propose LHC Successor 
FCC Study Occurs Alongside CLIC 
Vienna Team Studies SC Coupling Mechanism in Graphene 
Earlier Work Indicated Benefits of ARPES Measurements 
Calcium Offers Charge Transfer and Low Dopant Photon Energy 
Team to Investigate Van der Waals Heterostructures 
Team Discovers Unconventional SC State in CeCoIn5 
Most HTS Magnetically Driven 
Manipulation of SDW States a First 
Analysis of Different Materials Underway 
nanoGUNE, FUB Advance Info Codification at Atomic Level 
Study Shows that Magnetic State is Readable 
SLAC-led Team Explains Electron Pairing in CaC6
ARPES Revealed CaC6 Electron Interactions 
Research to Continue with Monolayer Graphene 
Team Studies Photon-Electron Interaction in Cuprates 
Room Temp Ballistic Transport Shown in Graphene Nanoribbons