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Superconductor Week - 2805

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Applied Materials Completes SFCL System for NY Trial
    SFCL Technology Struggles to Penetrate Market
    Duncan: Growing Fault Current Problems
CERN Announces LHC Restart Schedule
    Last LHC  Magnet Interconnection Closed June 18
    10,000 SC Magnet Interconnections Consolidated
Epoch Awarded KEEP Funds for SC Electrical Bus System
    Grant to Facilitate Development of Wire Production
NIMS Identifies Superconductivity in SrAuSi3
    Physical Properties, Electronic Structure not yet Clarified
    Work Showcases Usefulness of High-pressure Synthesis
    SO Coupling Strength Important for M Element
    Conduction Electrons Influenced by SO Interactions
AMSC Says Superconductor Tech to Drive FY2014 Growth
    McGahn: REG System Order would be Transformational Event
    Annual Revenues Down Slightly
    Revenues Likely to be Down Slightly in FY2014
OI Reports Improved Revenues and Profit
    Industrial Products Sector Shows 2.3% Underlying Revenue Growth
    Orders for First Two Months of FY Higher than Last Year
Janis ULT Develops Platform for Atacama Cosmology Telescope
    TES Bolometers have SC Mo/Cu Bilayer
    DR can Operate at Low Atmospheric Pressure
    NEW DR Radically Extends Daytime Scanning Abilities
SDSU, Navy Develop Improved SQUID Analytical Techniques
BNL Study Combines Atoms with Multiple Orbitals

    First Direct Evidence of Changes in Electron Orbitals
    Arsenic's Electron Cloud More Electronically Sensitive than Oxygen's
    Researchers Conduct CBED Analysis
    Results may Enable Higher Tc's, New Superconductors
    Future Experiments to Apply Dynamic Diffraction Methods
ICFO Couples Graphene Resonator to SC Microwave Cavity
    Resonator could be used in Mass Detectors
    Detecting Motion with SC Cavity
    Fabrication Offers Possibilities for Other Hybrid Devices
    Device can be Upgraded to Reach the Motional Quantum Regime
Yale, FZJ Develop Improved Qubit
    Researchers Demonstrate that Qubit can be Dissipation Immune
    Phase-slip Junction Eliminates QP Dissipation
    SC Design Crucial to Improvement
    Experiment Confirms Long-standing Theoretical Prediction