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Superconductor Week - 2806

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DOE Approves $14 Million for CES over Four Years 
$3.5 Million Annual Award within Expected Range 
Efree II Receives $10 Million 
Cambridge Achieves New Record for a Trapped Magnetic Field in HTS 
Previous Record Held by YBCO
Bulk Microstructure Modified to Create Flux Pinning Centers 
Work Continues on Proprietary SC Devices 
Toshiba Awarded Contract for ITER TF Coils 
F4E TF Coil Contract Signed in 2010
Russia Ships TF Conductor, Contract Signed for TF Winding Pack Testing 
Air Liquide to Build ITER Cryoplant 
First 5 of 49 SC Conductors for CS Coil Shipped 
Blanket First Wall Prototype Completed 
AML, Argonne Developing Magnet System with High Uniformity 
Magnet can Rapid Power Ramp, Maintain Field Quality 
Bruker, NHMFL Complete Installation of 21 T Magnet 
Magnet to be made Available Free of Charge 
Magnet has 110 mm, Room Temperature Horizontal Bore 
CPI Awarded $6 Million European XFEL Contract 
European XFEL to come Online in 2017
RI Delivering 4 SRF Cavities Weekly 
JSU Developing Tube-enclosed Maglev System 
Super-maglev could reach 3,000 km/hr 
UCSB Develops Fault Tolerant Quantum Circuits 
The Holy Grail: Fault Tolerant Universal Quantum Computer
Error-correcting Architecture a Challenge
Surface Code Approach Adopted with High Fidelity Threshold 
High Fidelity Reached with Linear Array 
Necessary Elements Exist for Scaling Up 
U Sherbrooke Reveals Phase Transition in Cuprates 
Results Attribute Cuprate Tc Drop to Competing Electronic Phase 
Team to Measure Thermal Hall Effect 
SLAC Clarifies Magnetic-SC Transition in Iron Pnictide 
Love-Hate Relationship Between Magnetism, SC
ARPES used to Detect SDW and SC Gaps 
Next Steps: How Magnetism and Orthorhombicity Affect SC 
Team Studies Graphene-based SC Phase Transition 
Density of Conduction of Electrons can be Changed via Voltage Adjustments 
Authors Confirm Presenceof SC Glass State 
Oxford Team Creates SC FeSe Intercalcate 
FeSe Layered with Ammonia 
Team Seeks to Introduce New Compounds