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Superconductor Week - 2807

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AMSC Awarded $60 Million to Deploy HTS Cables in Chicago 
DHS Seeking to Speed Grid Recovery Following Disruption 
DHS Contract Includes Deployment Plan with two other U.S. Utilities 
DHS Seeks to Make REG System Commercially Available 
Deployment Plan to be Developed over next Six to Nine Months 
AMSC to Serve as Full System Provider 
JR Tokai Sets Route for Tokyo-Nagoya SC Maglev Line 
Construction due to Begin this Year 
43.9 Passenger Kilometers Between Tokyo and Nagoya Expected by 2027
Nihon U, RIKEN Confirm Single-component Superconductor 
Metal-dithiolate Complexes have very small HOMO-LUMO Gap
Not yet known what Enables SC in Ni(hfdt)2
NSLS-II Approaches 500 mA with SRF Cavity Installations 
New Cryogenic Plant Constructed by Linde Kryotechnic 
NSLS-II Construction Underway since 2009 
BEST Q2 Revenues Grow 11.6%
Rosatom Shipment Delayed 
Bruker BiosSpin Sales Raise BSI Revenues 
2014 Guidance Lowered 
AMSC Earnings: REG to be a Driver for FY2014 Growth 
McGahn Projects Revenues at Low Point 
STI Produces 500 A/cm Pilot Scale Wire, Assembling 1 km RCE 
RCE Deposition Chamber to Arrive in August 
Twenty Conductus Wire Orders Shipped 
Lower Revenues and Losses for Q2 
Researchers See Coexistence of SC, Dissipative States in Nanowire 
Results Require SC with Long Coherence and Quasiparticle Relaxation Lengths
SC, Dissipative State Coexist through Non-equilibrium State 
Andreev Quasiparticles never reach Thermal Equilibrium 
Results could be Useful for Single-photon Detector Design 
ANL Finds Magnetic Suppression of Nematic Order in Iron Arsenide 
First Observation of Four-fold Phase Occurrence 
Study Indicates Magnetic Interactions Create Nematic Order 
Researchers Seek New Phase in Other Compounds
NHMFL Sees Intermediate Phase in Cuprate SC-Insulator Transition 
Superconductivity Continues at High Magnetic Fields at Absolute Zero
Three Distinct Phases of Vortex Matter Observed
Intermediate Phase: Vortex Liquid Freezes into "Glass"
Study to Continue with Other Cuprates
UCSD, Manchester Propose 2 Atom-thick SC Material