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Superconductor Week - 2808

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NIFS Tests 100 kA HTS GdBCO Coil 
100 kA Record Current for HTS Conductor 
GdBCO Tapes Produced by Fujikura 
Stacking Eliminates Voids, Weak Points 
Prototype Tested at 20 K, Jc Exceeds Requirement for Fusion Magnet 
54 GdBCO Tapes used in the Conductor Sample 
U.S. Navy Developing SC EMP Generator 
Work on Stator Began in 2008
Price: SC Stator Practical, Affordable 
Dartmouth Develops Laser Based on SC Electrons 
Laser Could Transmit Data
SC Mirrors used to Minimize Losses 
Laser emits 100 Million Photons/Second
Elettra Synchrotron Leads Laser-based Study of Pseudogap
Ultra-short Light Pulses Capture Properties Hidden at Equilibrium 
First Use of TR-ARPES Measurements in Pseudogap 
Scattering Rate of Charge Carriers an Anomalous Behavior 
Possibility of Controlling SC Characteristics via Pulse Lasers 
Cornell/BNL Team Finds Broken Symmetry in Cuprate Pseudogap 
State Never Before Experimentally Observed 
Study Employs New Approach 
SLAC Proposes Variable Coupler for 1.3 GHz SRF Cavities 
Prototype of Coupler Under Construction 
Proposed Coupler Nearly Eliminates Static Heat Loss 
TTC-3 Design Product of International Collaboration 
Electric Field Reduction not yet Focus of Coupler Design 
Researchers Seek S11 Variation from 0 to -20 db at 7 kW CW Power 
Italian/French Team Proposes Design for SC Refrigerator 
SINIS Refrigerator Cools Normal Metal to 100 mK
Standard Techniques used to Build Cooler 
System Operates Optimally with Vanadium, Aluminum 
Study Identifies Magnetism as Force in Cooper Pair Formation 
Knowledge of Electronic Bandstructure needed to Confirm Hypothesis
Group Showed Quasi-particle Spectroscopy Reveals Fermion Bandstructure 
Quantitative Theory to Enable Future Tc Enhancements 
ISIS, HBNI Study Nb-oxynitride 
Research Part of Broader Study