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Superconductor Week - 2809

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STI, Robinson Research Institute Enter into Collaboration 
Quiram: Multiple Projects Identified 
Roebel Cable One Target Technology 
Robinson Developing HTS Transformer
UCSB, Google to Collaborate on Quantum Computer Development 
Technetium Tunnel Junctions Under Consideration
Google Involved in Quantum Computing Since 2011
D-Wave Two Undergoing Benchmarking at QuAIL
Evidence Found for Quantum Entanglement in D-Wave System
Busan-led Team Improves MgB2 Performance with Carbon Nanotubes 
MgB2 Magnet may be Usable in ECR Ion Source 
Overcoming Strain/Stress Sensitivities of MgB2 a Challenge 
Cryogen-free Superconducting System Under Development
NCSU, nGimat Develop TiO2 Insulator 
Higher Field Strengths Enabled by Higher Packing Densities 
Ability to Change Current Important for Large-scale Applications 
Microstructure Boosts Thermal Conductivity
UAB Team transports Static Magnetic Field Through SC Hose 
Host Potentially Adaptable to Wide Range of Applications 
Transformation Optics Prevented Static Magnetic Field Decay 
More Efficient Hose Demonstrated in Theory 
Tiny Chip Developed for NMR
Suitable for Small-to-medium Size Molecules 
Electronic Components Fit on 4-mm2 Chip 
Team Observes Higgs Mode via Oscillations in SC NbN
Broken Gauge Symmetry State Studied 
Higgs Mode Uncoupled to the Electromagnetic Field 
Research Points Towards Controlling SC by Light 
Team Develops Ultra-high Transmission Optical Nanofibers 
Fundamental Mode: Two Orders Magnitude Less Loss 
Fabrication Blueprint, MATLAB Code Provided in Paper 
Anisotropic Magnetic Properties Observed in Iron Pnictide 
Nematic Phases a Potential Clue to Understanding Superconductivity 
BaFe2As2: Crystal Symmetry with Anisotropic Transport
Anisotropic Behavior Arising from Physical Properties, not Impurities 
UC Berkeley Identifies Trajectory of SC Qubit 
Information Flowing Out of the System
Study uses Parametric Amplifiers 
Gigaphoton Developing EUV  Light Source with SC Magnet
SC Magnet Clears Tin Debris