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Superconductor Week - 2810

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SuperOx Announces HTS Material for Maglev Applications
New Material Consists of Layers of 2G HTS Wire
Tapes Give Materials Uniform Properties
OSU Improves MgB2 Jc with Dy2O3 Doping
Dy2O3 Doping to Enable Higher Je
AIMI Improves MgB2 Layer Growth 
Dy2O3 Additions Stronger for AIMI than PIT Strands
Jc Improvements more Pronounced at Higher Temperatures 
MIT Develops Three-terminal SC Chip
nTron Functions as Logic Element and SNSPD Amplifier 
Device is Electrical and Thermal
Testing Conducted in Half-adder Circuit and SNSPD Amplifier
EQUS Reports Quantum Contact Between Two Distant SC Qubits 
System uses Photons to Transmit Data 
Design may Provide Basis for SC Quantum Repeater 
Nanjing Team Enhances SC in Bismuth Diselenium Compound 
Bismuth Diselenide: New SC Family 
Team will Search for Family Members with Higher Tc 
OST, Bruker Complete SC Wire for ITER TF Coils 
LMU-led Team Synthesizes Higher-Tc Ferromagnetic SC 

High Tc for Thin Iron Selenide Films 
Cambridge-led Team Probes Role of CDW in Copper Oxide SC
Findings Point Towards New Superconducting Possibilities 
BNL/Stony Brook Observe Quantum Fluctuations at ~0 K
Low Temperature Avoided Heat Distoritions 
Insights into Boosting Performance 
Isolating Competing Quantum Interactions 
Local Magnetism Enhanced at Tc for Iron-based Superconductors 
Different Fe Orbitals Influence Local Magnetism
SUNY/Oxford Study Models Graphene SC
Study Models Electron and Hole Doping
Novel Coulomb Effects may Emerge near Van Hove Singularity 
HKU, Tohoku U Report Specific Heat Data for V3Si 
V3Si has Second-highest Tc of Classical SC
Lambda Anomalies Accompanied by Broadening of Tc
Sample 1.0 x 0.3 x 10.0 mm3 Crystal 
ISIS-led Team Characterizes LaIrSi3
Sunpower Releases CryoTel Cube Cryocooler 
U Zaragoza Develops Improved CPWG Resonator