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Superconductor Week - 2811

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AmpaCity Project Reports Cable Operating Smoothly 
Lessons Learned During First Six Months 
Longer HTS Cables Possible 
KEPCO Installs HVDC HTS Cable at Jeju Island 
LS Cable CEO Sees Growing Interest in SC Technology 
Jeju Island: Second of Three KEPCO SC Projects 
KIT, Deutsche Nanoschicht, BASF to Establish HTS Lab 
Lab to Continue Work on CSD Technology 
CSD Inexpensive Compared to PVD 
European Commission Funds SuperGrid EUR86.6 million
Five Research Programs 
STI Reports Ic of 730 A/cm at 77 K for Conductus Wire 
STI Ready to Increase Wire Production 
Wire Shipped to Ten Customers 
Cash Sufficient into Q1 FY2015
AMSC Reports Lower Gridtec Revenues 
AMSC Still Seeking to Sell Tres Amigas Shares 
AMSC Sells Stock Units to Individual Investor
BEST Performs Strongly in Bruker Q3 Earnings 
Solid Demand for SC Wire
BioSpin Faces Lower NMR Demand 
FY2014 Guidance Lowered 
OI Reports Lower Half Year Operating Profit
MRI Wire Sales Robust 
Princeton-led Team Observes Majorana Fermions 
Majorana Fermions Predicted in 1937
Team Layered Iron on SC Lead 
Berkeley/LANL Design SC Amplifier 
Amplifier useful for Measuring Large Numbers of Qubits 
Resonant Phase Matching Boosted Parametric Gain 
Brown Team Observes Andreev Bound States in FFLO Phase
Supercurrents Traveled Across Non-SC Layers 
Rutgers Crafts Method for Predicting SC Spin Dynamics
Work may Expedite Search for New Superconductors 
Team Identifies Two Key Properties in Spin Dynamics 
Stuttgart-led Team Improves Quantum Coherence 
Transition Metal Complexes Promising Candidates for use in Qubits
Coherence Time of 1 microsecond at Room Temperature 
MD Anderson Studies use of Proton Therapy for Breast Cancer