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Superconductor Week - 2812

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IARPA Awards Contracts for SC Supercomputer 
Successor to CMOS Technology
Josephson Junction Switching Required 
Component Demonstration in Phase One
UOW Designing Contracts for SC Supercomputer 
Direct Drive Generator to Reduce Weight by 40%
MgB2 Cost Lower than Other SC Solutions 
Engineering Work to Begin in Next Stage 
Short-lived Room Temperature SC Achieved in YBCO 
Laser Pulses Modify Coupling in YBCO 
Excitation Thickened Cu-Y-Cu Bilayers 
Causes of Room Temperature Superconductivity Still Unclear
Oxford Leads UK Initiative to Build a Quantum Computer 
SC Circuits as Building Blocks 
NQIT Draws on Expertise in Trapped Ions and Quantum Photonics 
CERN Prepares to Restart LHC in March 
VTT Team Develops Kinetic Inductance Magnetometer 

LC Loop Counteracts Applied Magnetic Fields 
Kinetic Energy Detunes SC Coil 
Further Work Needed on Readout Circuitry 
UC3M Builds Magnetic SC Levitating Gear 
Cryogenic Prototype Operates at 63 K in a Vacuum 
Commercial Spin-off Offers SC Levitation Bearings 
LBNL Group Finds Link Between SC, Electron-Boson Coupling 
Infrared Photon Coupling Suppreses SC Gap, Electron-Boson Coupling 
Bi2212 Energized with tiARPES 
Researchers to Investigate Role of Phonons in HTS 
SLAC Team Observes New Quantum Phase in Cuprate 
Asymmetry between Electron-doped and Hole-doped Cuprates
Magnetic Energy Higher in Electron-doped Cuprate 
Collective Movement Signals New Quantum Phase 
BNL Observes Nematic Order in Titanium Oxypnictides 
Material Class Intermediate Between Cuprates and Pnictides 
SC Identified in Titanium Oxypnictides in 2012 
Team will further Study System's Nematicity 
TIFR Characterizes Properties of Lu3Os4Ge13 Single Crystal 
Lu3Os4Ge13 Represents a Low-density SC 
Large Phonon Drag Effect 
Elekta Unveils Zero Helium Boil-off Technology 
Design Approved for ITER LHe Plants 
NIST Installs High Resolution TES at APS