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Superconductor Week - 2901

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Siemens to Install SFCL in Augsburg Grid
Project may Lead to Permanent Installation 
Device to Handle Loads of Up to 15 MWt
Project will Compare SFCL, SCLR Technology 
Installation may Help Create Market Demand 
2014 Superconductivity Stock Performance Analysis 
Pure Play STI Outperformed SSI
AMSC has Strong SC Catalysts 
BEST Outperformed BSI 
OI Earnings Distorted by ITER Purchase 
Changes to SSI 
MIT Develops Equation to Predict SC Performance 
Thin Films Difficult to Replicate
Researchers Work with NbN
Equation Valid for over 30 Superconductors
Weizmann Builds SQUID for In- and Out-of-Plane Fields 
New SQUID Fabrication Method Novel 
Fabrication Eliminates Need for Lithography
Copenhagen Team Builds Hybrid Semiconductor-metal Circuit
Circuit Offers Numerous Applications 
Team Adopted Integrated Approach 
Max Planck Achieves SC in Hydrogen at 190 K, 150 GPa
H2S Pressurized to P>150
U Pavia Finds Weak Relationship between Tc and Benzene Rings 
 Potential Application in Low Energy Dissipation Devices
Linkoping Team Reports YBCO Self-doping
Trivalent Configuration Appears in SC State
UNSW Achieves 30 Second Qubit Coherence in Semiconductor 
31P Atom as the Ideal Qubit
Previous Coherence Benchmark 1.9 Seconds
SLAC Views Phase Competition between Pseudogap and SC 
Removing Competition may Raise Cuprate Tc
Competition Weaker with Hole Doping 
IISc Triggers LAO/STO Transient SC with Magnetic Field 
Suppressing Competing Order may Raise Tc 
NIMS Team Observes Atomic Steps as Josephson Junctions 
Findings Counter Previous Theory